Koosje did an amazing job in treating both my babies when they where newborns, her system really worked to settle them down and helped them be more content babies. I would highly recommend her to anyone!


“I'm currently studying Amatsu Tatara Hichibuku Goshinjutsu under Peter King. Peter has an excellent ability to communicate very complex ideas with both clarity and enthusiasm. His tone with patiens is one of thoroughness, professionalism and total reassurance. In addition to his Amatsu master teachers license Peter brings a wealth of knowledge from many related disciplines including: Osteopathy, physiotherapy, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Advanced Chinese Tuina. This ensures a well-rounded diagnosis and treatment.” February 23, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Jason Coleman

“Peter's breadth and depth of knowledge is amazing (and not just on this subject). Combining that with a manner that put's you instantly at ease and 1limitless patience makes Peter both aexcellent tutor and practitioner of Traditional Japanese Medicine.”March 30, 2009 Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Alan Foulkes

“Peter was a great tutor who always made the effort to go that extra mile to help the students. He is well respected and praised by students of all years. Any time I approached Peter for advice or support he was helpful and took the time to work with me to overcome any difficulty I was experiencing. He gave good and appropriate advice. He also has excellent coaching and motivational skills. I am looking forward to working with Peter in the near future as I know I will learn a great deal and benefit from his experience tremendously. I have no hesitation in recommending Peter.” February 22, 2009

Pauline Dickson

“I know Peter both as a colleague and patient. He works to the highest professional standard and in the best interests of his patients. His ability to integrate his indepth knowledge of many various treatment modalities allows him to give a complete and holistic approach to his work and the maximum benefit to his patients. Any patient I have referred to Peter has never had anything but praise for him and I continue to refer patients as well as receiving treatments from him myself. He is a great communicator to his students and I have seen this first hand when I have had the opportunity to be a 'body' in his classes.” February 25, 2009 Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Jasmine Mas

Peter is a very highly skilled professional. He has treated me for various conditions and injuries over the years. Peter is able to complement his Osteopathy work with knowledge from a combination of the various disciplines he is also qualified in. This means that the treatment and advice he provides is always appropriate and the results are excellent. I have recommended Peter’s work to friends and colleagues in the past and would not hesitate to do so again.” April 29, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Alastair Gould

Peter and Koosje have treated me for both a longstanding back injury and a more recent shoulder injury, both with outstanding results, with a combination of Osteopathic and Physiotherapy techniques. More recently, Koosje has been treating me following a severely broken lower leg. She has greatly improved not only my range of movement and mobility, but she has also helped to greatly reduce my predicted recovery time with her exceptional skills as a physiotherapist (and Osteopath), with a programme of treatments, both in the clinic and a prescribed home exercise programme. I have had no hesitation in recommending my friends to his clinic for any form of health care treatment.


The Physiotherapist (Koosje) working there helped me amazingly! Had this problem for a long time, (felt like forever) nothing else seemed to help.. Then BUPA recommended me this clinic, and I felt so much better in just one treatment. Also the private car park (at Sutton branch) is a real plus ++

Robert Apeldorn

Clemence has treated me for my back pain, she was so nice and knowledgeable. She really did an excellent job of making me feel relaxed, and treated me gently but very effectively. Gave me the advice I needed and showed me some exercises that I could do at home. Great and skill full job, cannot recommend Clemence and the clinic enough. Many thanks - Annemieke

Annemieke Ongering

I have the opportunity to learn Hichibuku from Peter King and Koosje. They not only show us their abilities but they also provided us advices and treatments if it is necessary. Koosje made me a fantastic leaver massage after a bad indigestion (my gal-bladder has been removed several years ago), the effect was impressive. I'm not usually confident from being manipulated but Peter King's touch is impressive for it's gentleness and accuracy. Their work is not only massages or manipulation but corrections of movements, postures or behaviour to keep the treatment's efficiency.

Fred Hamel

"I have suffered from intermittent back problems over the last couple of years and finally decided to do something about it. I chose the King Clinic primarily due to it being so close to home and was very pleasantly surprised. I was seen by Andrew Graham who did an excellent job of making me feel relaxed and comfortable about the whole experience. Not only was the treatment itself thorough, outlining a couple of underlying problems, but he helped by showing me various exercises that I can do at home, explaining the reasons in a way that wasn't overly medical and I could understand. On his recommendation I have since ordered a posture aid for my chair at work and have never felt better! Thoroughly recommended A++." January 5, 2011

Phil Glover

“Peter is the only man to touch my back since my first session with him.
Apart from his professional excellence, his personality and integrity makes him a very pleasant person to have around.
Amongst his numerous skills, Peter is also a highly respected martial artist (internationally) and has helped us on this respect to secure security for a charity event we have organised and which ended up a 100% success a few years ago.
I feel privileged to have him not only as a practitioner but also as a friend.” March 10, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Dominic Pizzinat

“In the past I have tried many different forms of treatments and practices for different injuries I have sustained. However after Peter treated me I will not be seeking treatment from anyone else. Peter's knowledge and numerous qualifications in different disciplines means that he has always been able to identify the most efficient treatment for me. This saves a lot of time and money trying different treatments and practices. In short I cannot recommend Peter and his practice enough.” February 24, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Simon Yeo

"Peter has a depth of knowledge and understanding of the human body that is second to none in the London/South East Area. I first attended his clinic last year, when he successfully treated me for a long standing back injury. He is currently treating me for a displaced shoulder injury with great results. He is fully supported by an excellent team of health care professionals. I have had no hesitation in referring/recommending my friends and work colleagues to him for treatment."

David H.

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