Amatsu Tatara Medicine (天津 蹈鞴 医学)


Thumbs into thoracic spine

Peter demonstrating at the Japanese Headquarters near Tokyo.

Amatsu Tatara Igaku (天津 蹈鞴 医学) is a unique and wholistic system of traditional Japanese natural medicine, that blends traditional healing, herbal medicine, physical therapy, diet and exercise.

It acknowledges the integration of mind, body and spirit in health. In seeks to restore  balance and relaxation to patients, so that they can express natural health and are thus better able to cope with the rigours of modern life.

Traditionally these techniques were used to treat a wide range of health problems and physical injuries.

Peter King is fully licensed in the ‘Amatsu Tatara Hichibuku Goshinjutsu'(天津 蹈鞴 秘致武九護身術) Japanese Traditional Medicine by Dr Hatsumi Masaaki (who is the ‘Soke’ – Japanese headmaster of the system).

  • Peter is one of only five practitioners worldwide to have received ‘Menkyo Kaiden’ (免許皆伝 – ‘Master Teacher’s  Licence’) which is the highest level of qualification that can be awarded within this tradition.
  • He is one of two practitioners to have received ‘I-shin-den-shin’ (医心伝心) certificate of direct transmission of the Tatara Hibun (蹈鞴 秘文).
  • He is only practitioners to have received ‘Denju Menkyo’ (伝授 免許) licence, of the Amatsu Tatara (天津 蹈鞴 ) Shinshin Shingann no Maki (神心 神眼の巻) documents.

He has received transmission and copies of the following Japanese Medicine documents / ‘scrolls’ from Hatsumi Sōke:

Tatara Hibun (蹈鞴 秘文)
Amatsu Tatara (天津 蹈鞴) Shingan no Maki (神眼の巻) document
Amatsu Tatara (天津 蹈鞴) Shinshin no Maki Ge (神心 の巻 下 ) document
Amatsu Tatara (天津 蹈鞴) Shinshin no Maki Chū (神心 の巻 中 ) document
Amatsu Tatara (天津 蹈鞴) Shinshin no Maki Jō (神心 の巻 上 ) document

Hatsumi Sōke has asked that Peter write a book on Amatsu Tatara Medicine, which he is currently researching (no publication date as yet).

Since 2003 Peter has been the principal tutor at the British School of Japanese Traditional Medicine, and he teaches international training courses in the Hichibuku method in Europe (& on occasions in North America too).

Academically he also holds an:-
MSc. (Master of Science) degree: Osteopathy (University of Greenwich)
M.A. (Master of Arts) degree: ‘Work Based Learning – Sports Science & Japanese Budo Studies’ (Middlesex University)

and is also a:-

Registered Osteopath (GOsC)
State Registered & Chartered Physiotherapist (HCPC & MCSP)
Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (FRSM)
Advanced member – Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP)
Has an Advanced Certificate in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (针灸)
Has a Diploma in Advanced Chinese Tuina (推拿)

He is a:
Clinic Tutor, Research Supervisor (& previous Technique Tutor) at the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine, UK.
Research Supervisor at the International College of Osteopathic Medicine, Milan, Italy.